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Coronavirus: Funding & support schemes for small businesses

Below is what we spotted on the internet, hope it helps our tech founders and business owners to weather the storm and come out stronger.
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Remote Team Management

Back in 2013, Nicholas Bloom, a professor at Stanford University, said: ‘Have you punched into Google image search, “working from home”, and looked at the top 20 images? They’re basically naked people, a guy drinking champagne in what looks like a jacuzzi.’
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Personal Branding

The attention span of an average adult is from 7 to 12 seconds. Is your personal brand strong enough to capture someone’s interest in that limited period of time? Personal branding is relevant to a large section of our society from students, employees, to entrepreneurs and business owners.
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Managing Office Culture

The following numbers are well-known facts: women are underrepresented in senior and strategic management positions. This is all the more true in STEM and tech-related fields. Undoubtedly, the change lies in the approach to women in our society as a whole. However, changes can and should be made on the individual level. On this individual level, one of the things that hold back many women from achieving their dream careers is the imposter syndrome.
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