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So awesome to have you join our  community,  Make this your space to connect, ask for support and get feedback for your products.

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For Female Techpreneur team to fully support your startup journey, kindly complete this survey within 7 days of joining the community. Please click the link Survey.


Also, we would love to share the good news of you joining us on socials so please email your short bio, Headshot and brand promise and the problem your startup is solving.


Any questions, please reach out. We can’t wait to connect more!



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Monthly Tech Networking

Open to ALL LEADERS IN TECH and BUSINESSES WHO ARE LOOKING FOR CLIENTS WITHIN THE TECHNOLOGY INDUSTRY…. only £10 + VAT per person, light buffet and refreshments included…

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Sign up to learn how to develop websites, create awesome UI/UX designs and change the narrative in the data analytics world in just 7 weeks!

Female Techpreneur Founders Lounge

Join us on May 23rd in Milton Keynes for an evening of networking, business presentations, and exploring Investment.

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Our startup venture academy programme offers founders the opportunity to build their Tech idea with a robust network that includes instructors, mentors, investors and like minded founders to help you validate your idea and scale your start-up to unimaginable heights.


We ensure that your products are first of all built with modularity and balancing capabilities in consideration of scaling. We then ensure that Products don’t just go live but ensure they thrive there, optimising every available opportunity and processes so that your Product future is safe.



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