Female Techpreneur Innovation Lab

Our FTIL have PROGRAMMES that are carefully curated  to help you learn

build and  pitch your startup. We help you grow your business, network with fellow

 founders for peer to peer learning

FTIL Growth Framework

Our 3-stage start-up programme are linked together as part of our Academy growth framework to support our founders from scratch to scaling. However, founders can join at any stage depending on the level of their business maturity. Phase 1 is to validate the idea, phase 2 is building the solution, and final stage pitch for Investor. 


Gain key skills to validate your concept and refine your value proposition for early adopters.


Build a prototype with selected professionals from our Talent Hub, create your pitch and set-up your business


We hold pitch preparation sessions with selected investors for Fund raising  to upskill founders.

Need Help With Your Startup, We've Got You!

Wherever you are in your startup Journey, our framework has something for you.

Become an Entrepreneur with our Idea to Launch Bootcamp

FTIL IDEA TO LAUNCH BOOTCAMP programme offers founders the opportunity to build their Tech idea with a robust network that includes instructors, mentors, investors and like minded founders to help you validate your idea and scale your start-up to unimaginable heights. 


We work with per and early stage founders looking to start their business journey, our aim to help them validate their idea and build an MVP  alongside our ecosystem partners. 


The programme runs for a period of 12 weeks and closes with a demo day.

Develop Your MVP With Our Tech Builder

As a newbie in the tech sphere, our MVP/Product development solution will bring  you a strong dev team and a number of established software development processes that are sufficient for taking the new business idea to the next level. We help you build your product from zero till scale, either with our resources or our trusted partners.


We also offer CTO as a Service, so you can explore all options for your product development with us.

Get Pitch Ready

After building your product, we help in preparing you for pitching your startup idea or raising more money for your business. The experience of presenting a startup pitch deck can be very nerve-wracking, even traumatic.


Imagine exposing yourself in front of a group of strangers who either know a little or not at all about your company. 


We can help you go through this stage to boost your confidence as you go about fundraising.


Interested in having your pitch deck reviewed?

Become FTIL Partner

As a community that is looking out for female founders,  we want to help as many as possible to help close the gender disparity and we can only do this with your help. We would like to work with corporate organizations as part of their CSR obligation to support the SDG goals.

We are all about inclusive and gender equality so we ask that  our partners help us achieve this objective by collaborating or sponsoring any of our programmes.


If you would like to support us, we would love to hear from you.

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