Our Investment Portfolio have been carefully curated and the founders are pitch ready for your selection. Join our INVESTMENT NETWORK today to invest in female founded business and increase your ROI.

Join Our Investment Network

Are you looking to connect with founders, top VC’s, Angel investors and entrepreneurs? Then look no further than Female Techpreneur, the premier network for connecting female founders with the best in the Investment industry.


With our network, you’ll have access to our diverse portfolio  of tech founders in varied levels of their funding needs.


Whether you’re an early stage investor or a seasoned VC looking to invest in the next big thing, or just starting out in the world of venture capital, our network has something to offer you.

You Can Easily Get Started:

  • Involvement in our programmes to gain access to exclusive investment opportunities from our founders.
  • Facilitate networking events and seminars, where you can connect with our members and learn from industry experts
  • Engage in online discussion forums, where you can exchange ideas and insights with your peers
  • Share market intelligence and research, to keep our members informed on latest trends and developments in the investment industry

Investors benefit includes:

Invest on your own terms

The opportunity to choose the type of investment: Pre-seed, Seed, Series A, etc

Connect with Female Founders

You will have the opportunity to connect with female founders and help bridge the gap in the funding landscape

Tap into an untapped Market

By backing female tech entrepreneurs, you are helping in creation of jobs and increase global GDP

Access Deal Flows

You will be able to access deals from female founders who are creating innovative products.

Diversify your Investment Portfolio

Access to different verticals to expand your investment Portfolio

Gain Good ROI

It has been proven that female entrepreneurs are high performers, and they will deliver a good ROI

Invest in Female Founded Business

Diversity is a big issue and with you working with us we can reach the underrepresented community and close the diversity gap.

Early stage Opportunity

You have access to early stage start-up investment opportunities