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Our programmes are for startup founders  and corporates who are solving real problems with innovation. Join us in making REAL CHANGE today by collaborating with us.

We've Got Something For Everyone!

Female Techpreneur Innovation Lab

Our FTIL  program offers pre and early stage founders the opportunity to create a robust network that includes instructors, mentors, investors and like minded founders to help you validate your idea and scale your start-up to unimaginable heights.


We ensure that your products are first of all built with modularity and balancing capabilities in consideration of scaling. We then ensure that Products don’t just go live but ensure they thrive there, optimising every available opportunity and processes so that your Product future is safe.

Transition into a Tech Career

Do you have what it takes to disrupt the tech space with innovative ideas?

Do you wish to learn how to develop websites, create awesome UI/UX designs and change the narrative in the data analytics world?

Here’s your chance!

We will be holding a virtual bootcamp for 7 weeks to teach these high demand tech skills to disrupt the tech space with innovative ideas whilst changing the status quo.

We have committed and professional facilitators that are ready to hold your hands during this course!

We have just 50 slots available! Sign up now before it’s too late.

Slots are getting filled really fast.

Monthly Founders' Lounge

We host different EVENTS all year round to help you accelerate the successful launching and scaling of your TECH BUSINESS.


Our events are designed  for Business Owners, Investors, Founders, Allies and Professionals to:

  1. Increase their Visibility
  2. Build their Personal Network
  3. Improve their Elevator Pitch
  4. Promote Collaboration
  5. Gain Business referral for Lif


Do you want to share the highs and lows of your entrepreneurship journey with us as a startup founder.


We are looking to partner with organisations that aligns with our mission and objectives.


There’s power in numbers, so we believe in leveraging relationships and working with like minded organisations for events and other initiatives.


If you believe in our vision and mission and you want to support us, we are always looking for volunteers in various part of the business. 

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